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Cut Energy Costs With Tankless Water Heaters

Custom Plumbing Services serves Austin, Texas, by efficiently repairing water pipes, installing water heaters, and managing sewage systems. Our experienced technicians will advise you through installations, repairs, and ongoing inspections.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters

While we install many water tanks, we encourage customers to take advantage of our tankless water heaters. With these installations, you will save on energy costs and never run out of hot water again. These high-efficiency systems have been used in Europe and Japan for decades where energy costs have been high and space is limited. If your home does not have room for an access door in the attic, you can opt to for a tankless system and adapt your home later with retrofits, rather than adding new products.

Heating Consultations

Let us advise you in choosing the best water heater for your home. We will help you evaluate the peak demand flow rate and use that information to determine which heater will best meet your needs. Our technicians will demonstrate the difference in savings between a tank and tankless heater. Custom Plumbing Services is a dealer and repair specialist for Navien® and also handles another top tankless water heater, Rinnai™. We are extremely familiar with these products and will take care of any issues following the sale.

Water Heater Maintenance

After your heater is installed, we offer maintenance agreements to help you keep up with your equipment. We recommend that you have tankless systems flushed annually to enable them to work at optimal efficiency. A year after your installation, we will call to remind you that it is time for a tankless service and flush.

Water Lines

Regardless of your design or remodel challenges, we can provide plumbing solutions. For many older homes in the area, we have re-piped lines that have calcium build up and mineral content in the water. We often use cross-linked polyethylene that is freeze-resistant and will expand and contract in cold weather.

Water Heater Maintenance