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Conversions to Public Waste-Water System

If your property requires backwater valves or you have an outdated septic tank, trust Custom Plumbing Services to provide you with updated services that will keep you and your family safe. Based in Austin, Texas, we provide heating, sewage, and remodeling solutions.

Sewer System Replacement

Septic Tank Conversions

After several years of faithful service, septic tanks may begin to fail. We offer conversions to public water waste systems along with septic tank de-commissioning and abandonment.

Sewer System Replacement

As sewage systems across the United States continue to age, many buildings are susceptible to failing systems. Let us work with your facility and property managers to replace these systems efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal intrusion. All waste water lines maintain a two percent slope from start to finish. We use schedule 40 PVC pipe and get the job done right the first time.

Backwater Valve Installations

When the street elevation is higher than the residential foundation, the risk of debris from the sewer backing up into your home is a genuine concern. We recommend this service for the health and safety of our customers.

Underground Construction Department

Our sewer crew maintains a well-run operation and replaces more than 100 sewer lines every year. All of our procedures are designed to ensure safety for our workers as well as for the public, tenants, and property owners. When you get an estimate from us, we will send someone with more than 45 years of experience to advise you regarding your sewage system.