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Plumbing Solutions for Any Kitchen Remodel

Ensure that your home or place of work is safe with regular gas testing and maintenance from Custom Plumbing Services in Austin, Texas. In addition to general maintenance, we service gas lines and install water heaters.

Gas Pipe Repairs

Custom Plumbing Services offers all heating and gas inspections, maintenance, and repairs. We provide emergency repairs, ensure that your equipment is up to code, and make adjustments for the demands of new appliances. We also serve recreational gas demands, including:

• Fire Pits
• Fireplaces
• Pool Equipment and Heating Lines
• Barbecue Grills
• Patio Space Heaters

Gas Pipe Services

Avoid potential issues with regular inspections and maintenance. We frequently perform tests for schools and daycares whose insurance requires biannual natural gas testing. We are also licensed for LP® installation with the Texas Railroad Commission. Our services include:

• Fast Leak Detection
• Fusion Installations
• BTU Sizing and Distribution Diagrams • Retrofit Pipe Installations


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Maximize space or add a sleek and modern touch with a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Throughout the process, we will answer any of your questions to ensure that you get the results you envision. We will transform your kitchen or bathroom into a space that is both functional and stunning.

General Maintenance

If you need to repair a leak, unclog a drain, or provide a video pipe inspection, tell us your building's needs. We offer project planning assistance and will set up a program that fits your requirements and budget.